Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Diagnostic Industries

                    The Horizon Pharmaceutical Process

Container Design:
Our design team reviews your product’s marketing requirements, stability and package compatibility and end-use delivery method, and then develops detailed drawings for a custom package to meet your product’s specifications. Whether you need a circular, square, flat or cylindrical container with a twist-off or hypodermic needle friendly cap...we address every detail in a timely and confidential basis.

Mold Making:
From detailed drawings, Vital Pharma tools custom multi-cavity molds. These hand-crafted molds are the heart of the BFS process and are constructed from the highest quality materials for durability and precision.

BFS Manufacturing:
The process begins with the extrusion of plastic granulate into a parison at 170°-220°C.  Using Sterile air, the parison is forned (blown) into a container.  Your sterile product is precisely measured and injected into the newly formed container through a unique fill nozzle.  This filling is followed immediately by the hermetic sealing of the container.  The mold opens and the cycle repeats itself - for rapid, efficient and aseptic packaging.

Final End-User Packaging:
Whether you need a simple poly bag or a full-color, shrink-wrapped consumer package, Vital Pharma can offer an impressive array of final-packaging options.