Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Diagnostic Industries

                                 A sterile single dose unit is perfect for Blow-Fill-Seal applications.

Modern Technology to Meet Your Requirements:

low-Fill-Seal is a continuous, form-fill-seal process which is inherently aseptic, economical and has the added benefit of flexibility in container size and shape.
The Continuous Process:

Utilizing a single machine, plastic is heated, liquefied and “blown” into a custom mold to form a container. The container is then immediately and precisely “filled” and hermetically “sealed.”


Is BFS right for my product?  BFS vials and bottles are ideally suited for unit dose applications of liquids for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The unit dose applications are typically used in ophthalmic products (eye drops and gels), inhalation solutions (nebulized solutions or suspensions), and in the application of a topical or orally dispensed material (gel, cream, ointment, or aqueous liquid).

Packaging Solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Diagnostic Industries:


  • OTC and Rx unit dose eye drops and gels
  • Emergency Eyewash / Skinflush 
  • Inhalation solutions or suspensions
  • Injectable products
  • Biotechnology products
  • Topical liquids, creams, gels, and ointments
  • Oral liquids

R&D, Clinical Trials and Full Scale Production.


  • Components to Medical Devices  


  • Components in Diagnostic kits
  • Reagents in Diagnostic products

Your Reliable Partner For:

Scalable Solutions in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturing, Horizon has traditionally been among the leading specialists in Blow-Fill-Seal of Pharmaceutical products. Our comprehensive know-how is based on 12 plus years of experience in the field of Blow-Fill-Seal production at commercial scale.

Today, Horizon is a fully integrated manufacturer of Pharmaceutical products and is providing solutions for all steps in the value chain of a project from development to production and fill and finish to customers.